Created in 2015, Gishwati-Mukura is the newest and fourth National Park situated within the western side of Remarkable Rwanda. It was established by merging Gishwati and Mukura forests to form such a wonderful Park that covers an area of 34.3 square kilometers (13.2 square miles) of the well-known Albertine Rift.  This verdant Park is rich with abundant wildlife species that include bush bucks, Red river hogs, and southern tree hyraxes, over 5 species of primates such as the Chimpanzees as well as more than 100 species of birds. It is known for a number of interesting activities such as chimpanzee tracking, nature walks/hiking and birding.

However, there are few accommodation facilities within Gishwati-Mukura National Park probably because the Park is newly created. The ideal facility to spend overnights is Gishwati Lodge, operated by Wilderness Safaris-one of Africa’s leading tour operators operating in a number of countries such as DRC, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Kenya, South Africa, Namibia and Malawi among others. This establishment is a perfect place to combine luxury, adventure and conservation while on a safari in Rwanda.

The Wilderness Safaris development and Conservation efforts in this biodiverse site are likely to bring together an exceptional habitat with open access to a substantial growth in the Chimpanzee communities encountered on the unique adventure programs. It is undeniable that the main focus is the privacy and exclusivity of discovering and tracking the extraordinary wildlife in a Protected Area set aside for the resident visitors of this luxury Safari Lodge.

This Up-market lodge offers tourists with fancy and adventurous feeling while on a safari in Rwanda. The eye-catching rustic Eco-Lodge is an exceptional facility, to be opened in either end of 2017 or 2018 as a Wilderness Safaris Camp. It is expected to provide comfortable accommodation to tourists who visit the Park to track the habituated Chimpanzee communities and the Golden monkey groups among others.

The news of creation of Gishwati-Mukura National Park was received with excitement which is why the Government of Rwanda is doing its best to help with protecting and stabilizing Mukura and Gishwati Forests. When Gishwati Lodge, the only Safari Lodge is set up and starts operation, this new National Park is expected to receive more tourists hence fetch more revenues which will be channeled to the Conservation of the new Gishwati-Mukura National park and its exceptional flora and fauna as well as the creation of a connecting Forest corridor between the two unpopular forests of Mukura and Gishwati.

Gishwati is expected to be a small luxury Safari Lodge with about 6 rustic forest chalets for only 12 guests with the opportunity of relishing exclusive access to the habituated Golden monkey groups and habituated Chimpanzee communities. Therefore, tourists who visit this Lodge will be able to participate in several activities that include Chimpanzee tracking, bird watching, nature walks or hiking photography and scenic viewing among others. Be among the first guests to spend overnights in the Lodge as you explore the unique attractions in this destination, hence a perfect place to combine with gorilla trekking within Volcanoes National Park.

The forthcoming inauguration and opening of this Luxury Safari Lodge is confirmation of the National Park’s growing reputation and position on the country’s ever-expanding ecotourism map. Expect to experience adventure rather than overtly luxury because this Lodge intends to put more emphasis on the spirit of exploration and the opportunity to be part of Rwanda’s determined Conservation effort. As a matter of fact, it is reckoned that these efforts will more than triple the Chimpanzee habitats hence allow its populations to increase.

Once open in either end of 2017 or 2018, the luxurious Gishwati Lodge will be explored at the same time with its sister property, Bisate Lodge found within the Volcanoes National Park (the home to the critically endangered Mountain gorillas) hence combining the rare opportunity to interact with two of the World’s Giant Apes-Mountain gorillas and Chimpanzees.

In conclusion, with the creation of Gishwati-Mukura National park, Lodges such as Gishwati Lodge are being set up to offer comfort to tourists who visit remarkable for a safari. This facility is operated by Wilderness Safaris, one of Africa’s leading tour operators working in a number of countries such as DRC, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Kenya, South Africa, Namibia and Malawi.