Did you think Rwanda is just a home to only primates such as the critically endangered Mountain gorillas, Chimpanzees, Golden Monkeys, the Big five animals and bird species? Then you were very wrong, because this country is a Paradise with mind-boggling attractions that will take your breath away.  When you visit the Musanze Caves, you will appreciate the nature and beauty of this small country in the Heart of Africa.

These popular Caves are found within the Northern Province of Rwanda in Musanze district hence ideal for combining with gorilla trekking safaris within Volcanoes National Park.  They were formed as a result of volcanic eruption (with lava flows creating the Albertine Rift Valley), over 65 million years ago hence touring them will offer an insight to their geographical, geological and historical formation. All in all, a cave is a natural underground hollow, vast enough for a person to enter and pass through.

Musanze is comprised of four Caves that extend for around two kilometers (1.25 miles) long beneath, featuring over 31 entrances and have wide opening with large colonies of Bats that call them home. This exceptional site is the most frequently visited of all the 52 surveyed Caves within the Northern Province and is characterized by a verdant environment that is perfect for photography.

Musanze Caves were unveiled in 2013 by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in partnership with the Rwanda Defense Forces; hence major renovations were made such as establishment of several walking stairs, trails and walkways that lead trekkers to the dark house-like interior with several structures that look like rooms and corridors.

When you visit these stunning Caves, you will notice that the floors are paved and have stairs so as to ensure easier movement by tourists. Much as they are important tourist attractions today, they were used as a hiding place during Wartime and due to this, there are some bones you will find inside the Caves.

Just like it is a remarkable place for tourism, the locals also cherish and hold the Musanze Caves dearly thus access to them is limited to only guide visits hence you will have to be accompanied by armed guards and expert tour guides who will take you through the history and formation of this magnificent Site. Touring Musanze Caves lasts around two and a half and is best done in the afternoon after gorilla trekking within Volcanoes National Park.

What to wear and carry when touring the Musanze Caves

Exploring these Caves require tourists to wear protective gear against bat droppings, wear strong hiking boots for easier navigation through the Caves, gardening gloves to avoid infections resulting from direct contacts, Nose and mouse cover to prevent any possible germs from the Bats and their droppings, touch helmet to offer lighting when moving through the Caves, wear long sleeved shirt as well as long trousers.

How to Reach the Musanze Caves

Musanze Caves are about 2 kilometers from the Musanze Town Center adjacent to the Road leading to Gisenyi and about two hours drive from Kigali City. If you are interested in exploring the Musanze Caves, make your bookings through the Rwanda Development Board Office, send an email to or call +252 57 65 14.

Besides exploring Musanze Caves, you can engage in other activities within and around Volcanoes National Park and these include visiting the stunning twin lakes of Ruhondo and Bulera, trek to the Dian Fossey gravesite, mountain gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking, visit to Buhanga Eco-Park (famous for being the Coronation place for former Rwandan Kings), Mount Karisimbi and Bisoke hiking as well as bird watching.